Syndic is a simple, responsive feed reader made for casual browsing. It adapts to both mouse and touch input, and runs on both desktop and mobile devices. The UI is designed with Plasma Desktop and Android in mind, but it should run in other environments as well.


Getting Syndic

Support and bug reporting

If you have a question, comment or suggestion, please open a thread on the discussion board.

If you have found a bug in the application, please check the bug tracker to see if it has already be reported, and open a new issue if necessary.

Please do not open bug reports to ask for help. Start a discussion thread first,and we can convert it to a bug report if necessary.

Help Translate

Want to see Syndic in your native language? Contribute translations from your web browser using weblate!

Current translation status:

Weblate translation status

Building from Source

The official git repository is here.

The master branch builds against Qt6 and KDE Frameworks 6. This is the branch you should build if you are interested in contributing to Syndic.

If you are only interested in using Syndic and want a stable, reproducible product, you should build one of the release tags.

If you need to build against Qt5/KF5, you should use the v1-series branch.

It is recommended to build and install QReadable before building syndic. You can avoid the QReadable dependency for testing purposes by passing -DWITHOUT_QREADABLE=1 to cmake, but this is not recommended, as it will result in a non-functional reader view.

Other required dependencies are Cmake, ECM, Qt6 (Core, Network, Qml, Quick, QQC, Sql), KF6 (Syndication, Config, Kirigami). KF6DbusAddons and Qt6Widgets are recommended on for desktop builds. Android builds additionally require OpenSSL.

Once all of the dependencies are installed you can build using the normal CMake commands:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make install

Building for Android

Version 2.0 does not yet build for android. There are significant changes to android support in Qt6 that have not yet been implemented in Syndic. The v1-series branch branch can be cross-compiled for android using Qt5.